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            Ruikang R-998


             Titanium dioxide content,%


             Oil absorption, g/100g


             Residue on sieve (45μm sieve),%


             Color (compared with working standard sample)
             Visual method
             Law ΔΕ chromaticity


             Relative scattering power (with the R-930 standard sample),%


             Reducing power (Reynolds number)


             Water extract resistivity (Ω · m)


             105 ℃ volatile matter,%

            ≤ 0.5 

             After 23 ± 2 ℃ and relative humidity (50 ± 5),%
             After 24h pretreatment, 105 ℃ Volatile,%

            ≤ 1.5 

             Water soluble,%


             PH value of aqueous suspension


             Grinding and dispersion of (Hagerman number of H)


             High stirring dispersion (μm)

            ≤ 30 


            Ruikang R-998 is a universal rutile titanium dioxide pigment. The Alumina and Zirconia surface treatment reduces the contact between TiO2 particles, resulting in excellent dispersion of R-998 in solvent-borne and water-borne systems and excellent durability. The organic-treatment during manufacture has further enhanced its dispersion.

            ◎Key Features

            • Manufacturing consistency   • Excellent chalk resistance

            • Excellent gloss retention     • Superior dispersibility

            • High tint strength and gloss


            Ruikang R-998 is a general-purpose interior pigment recommended use in coatings, plastics, inks, papers,etc.