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            Xichang Ruikang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd, is located in the famous vanadium titanium base in China: the Panxi Area -- Xichang City, the company is composed of Sichuan Changlong Industrial (Group) Co. Ltd., Chongqing Xichang Mining Co. Ltd. jointly initiated the establishment of the. A total investment of 450000000 yuan, the construction scale of 60000 tons of high-grade rutile titanium dioxide.

            The company specializing in the production of R-998 (multi function general type), R-118 (special plastic type), R-938 (auto paint special type) and other types of Jin Hongshi type titanium dioxide, products are widely used in paint, plastic, paper, ink and rubber industries.

            Companies adhering to the "leading technology, excellent quality" business philosophy, with "first-class production equipment, advanced technology, strict quality management, scientific management" wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign customers with "high quality products, excellent service", and sincerely cooperate with customers to create brilliant!!